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Important Information About Gated Communities

Important Information About Gated Communities

Important Information About Gated Communities

Advantages of Gated Communities


An ideal home for any family should be secure. This gives someone peace of mind knowing that the safety of assets and everyone in the compound is sure.

Considering that the security personnel at the gate do not allow strangers in without accountability is an assurance the place is secure.

It is a good idea to live in a gated community because privacy and security are paramount

Community Bond

Residents of gated communities enjoy a great sense of belonging. They become family and resolve issues affecting the together. Over time, they hold social and bonding sessions in their common areas and this creates a strong society.

Estate standards

Most estates have amenities for use by the residents. The sewer, boreholes, playground, and common areas. In some cases, they pay a maintenance fee for the facilities. This ensures that the estate maintains very high standards.

Disadvantages of Gated Communities

Whereas gated communities have numerous advantages, they also have their disadvantages


Due to the standards set by the community living their gated communities tend to be pricier compared to raw land. This leads to higher prices to own property in the estates

Maintenance fees

The monthly or annual fees that residents pay to maintain the estates may be high. In the long run it becomes unsustainable to some residents.

Traffic snarl-ups

Due to security checkups, the estates may experience traffic snarl-ups at the gate. This is especially during morning hours when residents are leaving and later in the day when they are coming back.

Is it good to buy a plot in a gated communities?

Buying a plot in a gated community is a very good idea. The process is straight forward and the estate is well developed with key amenities such as roads, water, electricity connection, and drainage systems.

Whereas the properties may be pricier, the investment is always worth it. Further appreciation of the property is assured because of the standards of the estate

Gated Community homes

Gated community homes are also good real estate investment options. This is where a home is located inside a perimeter wall and a gate.

Questions always arise on whether it’s a good idea to buy a gated community home or a standalone home.

Well, a standalone home is also known as a standalone building. This is a building on its own and offers few amenities whereas gated communities are well planned and with key amenities.

Bottom line

Gated communities are always a good investment either as a house or a plot. Therefore the next time you think of investing in real estate, go for this.

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